RomPatcher+ v3.0: RomPatcher+ is an improved and fixed
version of the RomPatcher software developed by ZoRn.
Using RomPatcher+ it is possibile to reach
a new level of customization for you
Symbian phone.

Change-Log RP+ v2.6 > v3.0: (Version jumped to v3.0 due to S^3 support)
+ New: RP+ now supports also Symbian^3
devices! All the 3rd/5th/S^3 devices are fully supported
+ Improved: InstallServer.rmp patch has
been updated to support S^3 devices too.
The old Open4All.rmp patch is already
working on S^3 too, without any change.
+ Improved: removed the “Donate with SMS” option, it was used by too few
+ Fixed: sometimes the “RP+ Recovery
Fault” message was wrongly shown, it should
be definitely fixed.

Warning: If you like this software then
support RP+ with a donation


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