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SymDVR adalah aplikasi video terbaik untuk platform Symbian karna terdapat beberapa fitur yang tidak ada di video recorder bawaan πŸ˜€
untuk mengetahui apa aja kelebihan nya mari kita simak bersama :mrgreen:

Main Feature:
* Support continous video recording
* Delete old records automatically
* Can record video in backgrounds
* Can record HD video
* Has favourites functionality

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You can choose or adjust following options:
* Camera (main or secondary)
* Video resolution
* Frame rate
* Audio codec
* Audio and video bitrate
* Size of one video file
* Storage limit
* Disk drive
* Startup mode
* Sound recording on/off

Known bugs:
* Inner video player shows black screen during playing video (Symbian 9.4+ only)

Next step of development:
* Bug fixing
* Show gps data on the screen and put it to text file
* Store tracks on .mps or .gpx formats

Whats new:
* Fixed bugs (including A letter with underscore on N)
* Added clip sizes 1, 2, 5 mb
* Added audio bitrate 48kbit
* Added video bitrates 3000 & 8000 kbit
* Added cordinate speed (km/h*)
* Slightly accelerated image output on the screen

Gimana keren kan fitur2 yang ada di aplikasi ini πŸ˜€
jadi kalo pengen coba cekidot πŸ™‚

SymDVR OS9.1-9.3
SymDVR OS9.4-9.5

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