Mumpung ane lagi di kelurahan buat bikin KTP elektronik yang ngantri nya lumayan lama mending share aplikasi dahh.. πŸ˜€

Aplikasi yang pengen dishare pasti salah satu favorit Symbian Lover yaitu Free i-SMS AllInOne v1.19 πŸ™‚
dan diupdate kali ini ada beberapa changelog,,yaitu:
1. Fix the keyboard E-series in the case of invalid box left on the iPhone question
2. Repair some of the model for the first time installation love text messages,syncronization information can’t display the list of problem after in the pc-repair remove Fetion friends,love text messages flying in the letter on the friends list problems still exist
3. Repair letter can’t fly directly to the thumb group problem letter replies to fly fix the other side,”the letter added you as a friend to fly”,you reply “Y” can’t add other issues to Fetion friends
4. Repaired to restore the backup list can’t be displayed after the SMS problem

Nah mumpung ane sekarang udah dipanggil buat di foto,tanda tangan,sidik jari dsb..tanpa basa basi yang kepengen update cekidot link dibawah :mrgreen:

Free i-SMS v1.19

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  1. sbinbezbob says:

    ijin unduh bos πŸ™‚

  2. farisyi1 says:

    skalian seruput yaa πŸ˜†

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