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Ada kabar gembira nih buat yang hobi bikin video dari ponsel Symbian πŸ˜€
yap kali ini aplikasi SymDVR telah update ke versi 1.18 dan ada perubahan apa aja sih di update kali ini mari kita simak bersama πŸ˜‰

1. Fixed found bugs.
2. Bug of subtitle with length of video more than 34 minutes.
3. Bug of subtitles custom label (video was not be able with inner player if label’s length was more than 8 symbols)
4. Charger notification method was rewritten. Should work corectly now.
5. Video + subtitles should play ok on device S60 3rd (3.2+ and FP2+)
6. Bug related to favourites should be fixed (sometimes video was not past to favourites folder)
7. Standby mode was not turning on sometimes (display was not fade out)

Gimana cukup puas kan dengan bug fixed nya :mrgreen: jadi yang kepengen update cekidot πŸ™‚

SymDVR v1.18 S60v3 OS 9.1-9.3
SymDVR S60v5 v1.18 S60v5 OS 9.4-S’3

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  1. temany d share dnk gan

  2. farisyi1 says:

    sory gan gak bisa dishare 😦
    kalo mau jelas reply di twit aja πŸ˜€

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