Assalamualaikum mumpung digawean lagi sepi mending share aplikasi biar kagak iseng πŸ˜€

Lansung ke topik kali ini aplikasi yg biasa dipakai untuk merekam momen indah telah update ke versi v1.25.3
Untuk changelog sbb:
1. fixed bugs
2. added widget for S^3 devices
3. notification icons (at the left side of camera view) are buttons now, however you can switch them off only standard camera app does not start if symdvr is on foreground
4. added setting “Standby mode” (backlight will turn off during the record)
5. added setting “GPS->Big track” (one track for few clips)
6. added support of Slovak language

Bagaimana banyak kan changelognya :mrgreen:
Yang mau update langsung aja cekidot link dibawah dan wassalam πŸ˜‰

SymDVR v1.25.3 s60v3
SymDVR v1.25.3 s60v5 – s^3 Anna Belle
Widget S^3 Anna Belle

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