Assalamualaikum pada kali ini ane pengen share aplikasi yang berguna buat video recorder terutama di ponsel symbian 😉

Yup kali ini SymDVR telah upgrade ke v1.26.5 dan ada beberapa changelog seperti:

* fixed bugs
* added 180° rotation mode for camera and player views. It is recommended to set up landscape mode in settings.
* added B&W mode for 3rd (9.2) devices
* fixed screen indicator bug
* fixed SymDVR Server. Now this process closes when SymDVR exits and not starts added option “Charger plug in/out”->”Timeout on startup” (20 seconds timeout for stop recording after it was started on charger plugin)
at all in case of screen indicator if off.
* added “Car mode” (can be activated via popup menu in the camera view, on a finger over the proximity sensor or as a standby mode)
* “Standard” – screen brightness doesn’t change
* “Low light” – screen brightness will set to 10%
* “Bright” – screen brightness will set to 60%
*added sending files via Bluetooth
* added three standby mode options: “Off”, “Standard” и “Car mode”
* “Off” – screen will not fade
* “Standard” – standard Symbian’s behaviour
* “Car mode” – screen will be switched to “Car mode” after 30 seconds of inactivity

Lumayan banyak juga yah updatenya :mrgreen:
nah yang mau update langsung aja cekidot link dibawah dan wassalam 😉

SymDVR v1.26.5 S60v3
SymDVRv1.26.5 S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle
Widget v1.02 S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle


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  1. aplikasi yg 1 ne emang maknyus… Dr dulu w dah make bro… Btw, itu kamu make theme symbianphone blue yak.?

  2. farisyi1 says:

    iya itu tema symbian phone blue by daeva112 🙂

  3. hahaha …ane atu coz ane udah nyoba juga bro … oya mau tanay a… w lupa alamat dimana supaya kita bisa buat foto kita jai seperti icon anna … dimaa ya ?

  4. fathol25 says:

    wah, kayaknya menarik sob. ane coba dlu ahh…………….

  5. farisyi1 says:

    sip gan 😉

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