‘SymbIOS 2′ is an unique and feature-packed theme for Nokia Belle phones by Flotron. It clearly is inspired by apple’s smartphone OS, iOS.

The most interesting part about this theme, in my opinion, is it’s icons.

You get a set of squared anna-styled glossy icons which look absolutely gorgeous on Nokia Belle phones.

Setelah ane tes ternyata cukup ok loh jadi yang mau mencoba langsung aja cekidot link dibawah dan wassalam 😉

SymbIOS 2 by Flotron


About farisyi1

nothing special about me just symbian lover

7 responses »

  1. farisyi1 says:

    ok gan makasih kunjungannya 😀

  2. dokter anak says:

    nice info…..

  3. arief313 says:

    ane dateng lagi gan
    mau ngajakin kerjasam tuker link
    link udah gw pasang nich………

  4. farisyi1 says:

    ok gan thanks yaa 😀

  5. arief313 says:

    ok sam sama gan

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