Assalamualaikum kali ini ane mau share aplikasi khususnya twitter client di ponsel symbian 😉
biasanya symbian lover paling enjoy dengan Gravity mungkin bisa coba Tweeties v1.20 karna tampilan nya mirip twitter for iphone loh 😀

chagelog v1.20

1. Add “in-reply-to”.
2. Downsize the picture below 200 kb in a tweet.
3. Use system status bar.
4. Improve the speed of loading tweets.
5. Change the icon to Belle squarecircle style.
6. Disable the localization in a tweet by default to improve the performance.
7. Add “save” option while browsing a picture.
8. Return to previous view by sliding from left to right in single tweet view.
9. Fix other small bugs.

tanpa basa basi yang mau mencoba atau update silahkan cekidot link dibawah dan wassalam
karna ini udah malem waktunya admin tidur 🙂

Tweeties v1.02 S^3 Anna Belle


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nothing special about me just symbian lover

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