Assalamualaikum mumpung masih deket sama pc jadinya pengen sharing lagi nih 😀

Battery Info displays the battery charge level in percentage(%) and in amperes(mAh).
It also shows how long the phone has been charged or unplugged.
You can also set “Automatic Power Save” timer to make your phone battery last longer!
For example by setting it on for night time when you are not using phone!
To add Battery Info Widget to home screen: On top of home screen empty row, long press and select “Add widget” -> “Battery Info” from the list. Do not add only shortcut to application.

Changelog v1.0.6:

Small optimization for widget performance.

Retailed by 4T™. Shared by vutaikt

yang mau update atau mencoba widget inilangsung aja cekidot link dibawah dan wassalam 🙂

MondayCoder Battery Info v1.00(6) S^3 anna Belle UnSigned Retailed by 4T™


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