This mod increases volume in symbian devices. It adds more volume to headset (when you listening music or calling) and to earpiece. Added configuration files from Anna (some testers says, that the sound more better in headset). The log of updates is in archive.

Add patch in to domain autostart, copy ParamServ folder from Z:\resource to C:\resource
-for more volume in headset (for calling and music), and earpiece unpack file from “More sound” folder to C:\resource\ParamServ
-for more quality, as were in Anna unpack all files from “Anna Params” folder to C:/resource/ParamServ
-after that reboot the phone.
Patch was made for Belle and elder versions too.

tested on nokia 500 belle hacked 😉


Sound Improvement (v.3.2 fixed adding volume bug)


About farisyi1

nothing special about me just symbian lover

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  1. gan kalo pake ini tar suara speaker + bersih boros battry ga ?

  2. farisyi1 says:

    serasa pake beats by dr dre :mrgreen:

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