Nokia Cooker is a PC software reserved to the
Cookers, which allows to modify the files
containing the phone’s firmware to create
customized firmwares versions named Cooked-
Firmware. Nokia Cooker can modify data which is located in:
– CORE (ROFS1 data only)
– ROFx
Not all the ROFS/ROFx can be modded!
Modding a protected ROFS/ROFx you’ll risk to
brick the phone.
If you aren’t sure that your ROFS/ROFx can be
modded, don’t do it. The modding of the UDA, instead, is always a
safe operation.

NokiaCooker Change-Log: 3.2

– New: Partition Manager. It is now possible to
repartition the fw and choose the size of ROFS1,ROFS2, ROFS3, UDA. You can even transfer the free ROFS space to the UDA, in order to increase the total available space on c:\ You should not use the Partition Manager on cfw which have been already repartitioned in otherways.
– Improved: the copy option in the log window,
copies only the selected text
– Improved: new block (3A) gets parsed for CORE files
– Improved: new header fields (E5, EA) gets
parsed for CORE files
– Improved: better Fat detection for UDA files
– Improved: rewritten parsing of .vpl files
– Fixed: when connected to the pc, the Phone Memory was shown as “NOKIACOO~0” or “NCxx”
– Fixed: a wrong clusters computation, could
cause a data loss for the 2 last clusters in the
UDA, when filled at the top.

Download Nokia Cooker v3.2


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