Nokia Cooker is a PC software reserved to the
Cookers, which allows to modify the files
containing the phone’s firmware to create
customized firmwares versions named Cooked-
Firmware. Nokia Cooker can modify data which is located
– CORE (ROFS1 data only)
Not all the ROFS/ROFx can be modded!
Modding a protected ROFS/ROFx you’ll risk to
brick the phone.
If you aren’t sure that your ROFS/ROFx can be
modded, don’t do it. The modding of the UDA, instead, is always a
safe operation.

NokiaCooker Change-Log: 3.3
– New: can be associated to .vpl and .fpsx
extensions. Just double-click on a fw file,
NokiaCooker will be launched and unpack the
selected fw file
– Improved: general exception handling. Some exceptions were not caught correctly, causing
NokiaCooker to unexpectedly close without
showing any error message.
– Improved: minor improvements

Download Nokia Cooker v3.3


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